Focal Point® Biofiltration

FocalPoint® creates high performance biofiltration systems that deliver better stormwater treatment in a fraction of the area than previous systems require. Savings can be found in many ways with FocalPoint systems. This includes earthwork, labor, underdrain, biofiltration media, special plantings, mulch, gravel, and more. Additionally, its modular unit is a complete, integrated system with demanding specifications to insure overall quality. Post-installation hydraulic conductivity test verification is included with FocalPoint systems, as well as guaranteed performance.

FocalPoint provides unlimited application opportunities for new construction and redevelopments. It can be used in combination with traditional LID BMPs, such as swales and vegetated depressions. It enables cost effective implementation of green streets using urban sidewalk and downspout planters. FocalPoint® is also a great choice for retrofitting existing detention basins, or failed bioretention systems.

Time & Cost Effective Solutions

FocalPoint® High Performance Biofiltration Systems combine improved system components and performance-based (non-proprietary) specifications. Several advantages of these improvements can be seen in the following:

  • Reduced footprint sizes, which make the systems ideal for a broader range of urban and retrofit applications
  • Reduced upfront design and construction costs
  • Reduced long-term maintenance costs, which creates the opportunity to expect improved compliance over time
  • Post-Installation conformance testing which eliminates inadvertent acceptance of poorly constructed systems
  • Better retention and pollutant removal capabilities compared to traditional systems

Traditional bioretention specifications require the minimum infiltration rate of the bioretention media to be 1 – 5 inches per hour, but notes that a proper mix will flow faster than that. FocalPoint® HPMBS media is designed to flow at 100 inches per hour. This means that the same volume of water can be treated in the same amount of time in roughly 1/25th the footprint (4”/hour compared to 100”/hour).

For more information on Focal Point systems, visit Convergent Water Technologies website here.

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