Drainage Geocomposites

Construction projects, and the drainage problems associated with them, vary wildly. So, why would you choose the same pipe-drain configuration for every project? When you consider that prefabricated drainage systems are engineered to work effectively for specific applications, you begin to understand the benefits of prefabricated drains. These benefits include lower installation costs, higher longevity, and better functionality than traditional drainage systems.

Prefabricated Drainage Systems

Prefabricated drainage systems often incorporate a geotextile fabric covering to separate soil from a flat, flexible polymeric core. The core channels water to drains that are easily connected to standard piping. These products are easy to install and inexpensive. This makes them very economical and user-friendly drainage systems for any construction setting.

Prefabricated drainage systems have become the obvious choice for any construction project requiring drainage. Because they are engineered for specific applications, prefabricated drains are a superior drainage solution for every benchmark. Easy installation, lower costs, overall effectiveness and longevity, as well as a positive environmental impact, are all criteria met by these systems. Here are a few examples of applications that benefit from prefabricated drains:

Many times landfills that utilitize goemembrane liners also incorporate a drainage geocomposites into their lining and leachate collection systems. The geocomposite is there to transmit water, vapor and gas away from the geomembrane and towards a perimeter collection system. Geocomposites are great for this application due to their high transmissivity rates and compression strengths, meaning they will continue to transmit and flow even when placed under heavy dead loads from the fill.

Engineers involved in highway projects are constantly searching for the most cost-effective drainage solutions, because savings can amount to billions of dollars over the life of the project. Geosynthetic, prefabricated drains are advantageous because they have higher inflow rates than traditional piping, higher flow capacities, are more resistant to compression, puncture and chemical deterioration, and are easier to install than standard pipe/aggregate systems.

Sports turf fields and golf courses have unique drainage requirements. Because prefabricated drains can be both horizontally and vertically oriented and flexible, they are easier to install than traditional drainage piping. Prefabricated drains are also more effective than standard pipe configurations, because they increase the surface area exposed to moisture, while at the same time requiring a narrower trench. They are customizable for every feature on a sports turf field or golf course, from synthetic football and soccer turf fields to bunkers and greens, fairways and cart paths.

Prefabricated drains can be installed against subsurface structures such as retaining walls, foundation walls, and structural footings to eliminate hydrostatic pressure. Formed in a sheet configuration with a geotextile covering and a channeled core, these drainage systems are installed against underground structures to prevent water intrusion and damage.

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