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When water flows through the dewatering bag the sediment settles as the water is slowed by the bag and the bag captures the soil. These bags fit onto discharge hoses and come in various sizes. After construction is completed the bag can be opened and the sediment can be discarded, or possibly used in landscape to beautify the site.

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Dewatering Bag Detail

Drainage Geocomposites

Prefabricated drainage systems often incorporate a geotextile fabric covering to separate soil from a flat, flexible polymeric core. The core channels water to drains that are easily connected to standard piping. These products are easy to install and inexpensive, making them very economical and user-friendly drainage systems for any construction setting.

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JDrain Detail

Geomembranes & Liners

Geomembranes are a cost effective way to meet requirements of fluid barriers, containments, and other similar applications. Geomembranes have been used for many years, and have become increasingly popular, due to their effectiveness. These membranes are made in many varieties, so they can be used in many different types of projects. Products can be compounded for multiple purposes.

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Liners Detail


What to do with Stormwater has been a question since ancient times.  Today, there are many products to contain, convey, and manage stormwater for our new site developments.  Site Supply has the knowledge and expertise to help you select the best products for the stormwater management needs for your project.

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HDPE Detail

Tensar® BX Geogrids

Tensar® TriAx and BX Geogrids have demonstrated their effectiveness and cost-efficiency in thousands of applications. Over soft ground, TriAx and BX Geogrids enhance the soil’s effective bearing capability by dispersing applied loads more broadly. Over firmer ground, geogrids stiffen and interlock with fill materials by confining aggregate particles inside of its apertures, thus producing a stronger component for enhanced serviceability and more supportive aggregate layers beneath pavements.

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BX Detail

Tensar® TX Geogrids

Tensar® TriAx Geogrids differ from other geogrids due to their unique triangular structure which delivers advantages in a multitude of stabilization applications. The multidirectional stiffness of these geogrids surpasses that of others. They are designed for superior aggregate interlock and stress transfer, which results in stiffer aggregate layers and greater subgrade protection. The Tensar® TriAx Geogrid delivers longer road life, reduced pavement maintenance, and lower construction costs.

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Tensar TriAx Geogrid

Tensar® UX Geogrids

Uniaxial geogrids are primarily used to reinforce soil for grade separations such as in modular block retaining wall and mechanically stabilized slope applications. These geogrids have high strength in one primary direction and interact well with soil and aggregate fill materials to create a reinforced fill zone that can stand to near vertical slopes.  Uniaxial geogrids are typically comprised of either High Density Polyethylene or Coated Polyester yarns.

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Tensar UX Geogrid Detail

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