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Concrete Cloth

Milliken® Concrete Cloth™ is a flexible, cement impregnated geocomposite material that hardens when hydrated. The cloth comes in 3′ wide rolls that are easy to unroll. The product, before hydrating, conforms to the contours of the underlying subgrade. Once hydrated, the cloth forms into a thin, durable, waterproof and fire resistant concrete layer that protects the subgrade from erosion and/or scour.

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Concrete Cloth

Dandy Products

Dandy Products are designed for use with flat grates and mountable curbs to detain sediment-laden storm water. The suspended solids in the stormwater are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by Dandy Products prior to entering inlet, ensuring regulatory compliance performance.

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Dandy Products Wall


When water flows through the dewatering bag the sediment settles as the water is slowed by the bag and the bag captures the soil. These bags fit onto discharge hoses and come in various sizes. After construction is completed the bag can be opened and the sediment can be discarded, or possibly used in landscape to beautify the site.

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Dewatering Bag Detail

Erosion Control Blankets & TRMs

ECBs are organic products such as straw, excelsior, or coconut fibers which decompose with UV light exposure. They improve ground stability, hold underlying soil in place, and retain moisture which nurtures seed germination and vegetation growth. Because they will decompose with time, they are best used in lighter applications where vegetation will eventually completely replace the erosion control properties of blankets.

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Erosion Control Blankets Bulk


Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock that can be placed on slopes and channels for erosion protection or stacked to create retaining walls. They have been used for decades to solve a variety of erosion based engineering dilemmas because of their flexibility and unique design characteristics.

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Gabion Detail

Geogrid Composites & Mattresses

Geogrid Composites are combinations of Biaxial Geogrids sewn to Geotextile Fabrics for the purpose of separating underlying subgrade soils from large aggregate Rip Rap in submerged water applications like riverbanks, streambanks, lakebanks, bridge abutments, and coastal area protection projects.

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Perimeter Inlet Sediment Control

Silt fences are made with woven geotextile fabric and wood or steel posts. They are the traditional method of silt protection and are typically installed mechanically. Proper installation is important to reduce silt fence failure. Site Supply can be consulted as to the proper installation to avoid any failures.

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Silt Fence Close

Pond Skimmers

The Marlee Float Skimmer is a surface draining device used in new construction for temporary erosion control after rain events, or it can be installed in residential and commercial retention and detention ponds as a permanent sediment and flow control device. Made of HDPE pipe, polyethylene float and stainless steel fittings the Marlee Float is UV Resistant and virtually indestructible. There are no moving parts and the shielded weir prevents clogging.

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Marlee Float Pond Skimmer Detail

Turbidity Barriers

Often times in when constructing near or in water bodies there is a great need for trapping and containing floating sediment and turbidity that is caused by the construction operation. Dredging, marine construction and pile driving are just a few construction activities that can really “stir up the waters” and it is extremely important to stop the pollutants from contaminating nearby natural resources. Selecting the right turbidity barrier (or curtain) for you project requires a thorough evaluation of the site and hydrodynamic conditions.

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